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Increase Patient Satisfaction, Improve Your Team’s Productivity & Generate More Revenue With LeadSquared
“We’ve roughly doubled the amount of leads we’re able to manage. A lot of that is due to the time-saving factor of working with LeadSquared."
Tamara Young,
Director of Marketing,
"We chose LeadSquared because of it's ability to customize our workflow. Compared to other CRMs in the market, LeadSquared felt robust."
Evelyn Lewis,
Director of Business Operations,
“It’s very straightforward. And there’s no need for IT development or support. You work your task list and know whom to contact each day.”
Jake Butler,
Head of Product,

Loved by 200,000+ Users Worldwide

Automate Your Patient Management & Maximize Your Team’s Efficiency

Say goodbye to old school CRMs & excel sheets

Capture Patient Inquiries From All Channels

Capture leads from all your online & offline channels into a single system. Automatically populate a lead's profile with publicly available information.

Eliminate Your Team’s Manual Tasks

Automate appointment bookings and instantly distribute incoming leads to the available agents. Save valuable time & remove any possibility of errors.

Create Delightful Patient Experiences

Send your patients helpful information at every single interaction with LeadSquared’s patient engagement solution. For instance:
  • Appointment Info & Reminders
  • Post-Diagnosis Notes & Suggestions
  • Automated feedback forms
  • Re-Engagement Campaigns for no-shows

Grow your patient acquistion, engagement and retention

Tailor Communication For Each Patient’s Ailment

Hyper-personalize your engagement according to your patients’ ailments. Target the right patients with the right content & watch your conversions go

Go Paperless With Self-Serve Patient Portal

Integrate LeadSquared with your patient portal (using APIs) or build one with LeadSquared itself! Track activity, set appointments & onboard patients easily.

Improve Your Process With Actionable Insights

Measure every part of your process with patient satisfaction, team efficiency & revenue attribution reports + Easily generate custom reports according to your needs

Top Features That Healthcare Practices  Love

Easy EMR/EHR Integration

Centralize your patient care by integrating EMR/EHR, and all major tech solutions with LeadSquared’s healthcare CRM.

Marketing Automation

Nurture meaningful & long-lasting patient relationships. Create advanced campaigns on a simple visual designer.

Appointment Scheduling

Sync your medical appointment scheduler with LeadSquared to ensure seamless appointments and reduced wait times.

Patient Engagement Score

Reduce churn and enable personalized communications for your patients by understanding their level of engagement.

Onsite Caregiving

Monitor onsite caregiver activity LeadSquared’s robust mobile CRM. Generate day & route plans and assign tasks near their vicinity.

Referral Portals

LeadSquared’s custom referral portals allows you to create a paperless system that is easy to refer and track.

Achieve a level of personalization that your competitors can’t

HIPAA Compliant Healthcare CRM

Why do businesses choose LeadSquared over other CRMs?

More Customizable Than 99% Of All CRMs

We believe in helping you create workflows according to your business needs, not remodelling your process for our CRM. Everything from our forms and processes, workflow builders, to employee dashboards, are designed to be fully customized as per your needs.

Cleaner, Clutter-Free User Experience

Ensure zero distractions in your sales rep’s workday. Use permission templates and smartviews to curate a simple, clean interface which helps reps focus on just the next task and getting it done.

We Don’t Charge You For Features You Don’t Need

Your CRM experience shouldn’t be a couple of fancy features sitting in a corner. With LeadSquared, only use and pay for the features that matter most and drive your sales efficiency.

Lightning-Fast Implementation, Responsive Support

Every business, big or small, gets a dedicated account manager. Reach out to our team via chat, email or call and get your query resolved in minutes or hours, not in days!

Best Mobile CRM In The Market

Empower your field teams with LeadSquared’s user-friendly mobile CRM. Generate route plans, track movement, manage attendance and auto-assign leads based on location.

The Only CRM With A Sales Performance Management Suite!

Don’t just automate your sales process, help your teams perform better with ACE. Set targets for any metric, gamify performance, motivate sales users, and reward top performers.

Kiran Ramakrishna,
Performance Marketing,
Manipal Hospital
“LeadSquared’s APIs and connectors help us collect detailed patient data and integrate it with our EHR system effortlessly."

Siddharatha Nihlani,
Our decision-making time has reduced considerably. We are able to intercept incoming requests quickly and call the patient within seconds.