Improve Your Productivity Through Automation: How to harness the power of your CRM and SIS  

Allen G. Garber 

Vice President & General Manager
Diamond SIS


Douglas A.J. Carlson 

Head of Business Development & Partnerships


Tues August 30 |  10:00 am PT  |  1:00 pm ET
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Session Overview
Do you need more hours in your day? It’s time to work smarter, not harder and let automation do the work for you. Join us August 30th to learn how a seamless integration between your CRM and SIS can help you. Our experts will explain how you can better qualify your leads, drive the next right action for your reps, and help you to focus your energy on what really matters – the student. You’ll also learn tips to scale your organization to increase your efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity while maintaining focus on compliance.

LeadSquared Partnership Philosophy
At LeadSquared we believe that partnerships are key to solving the most significant challenges in business today. No single company can solve every issue, and by working together we create integrated, future-ready solutions that provide value for partners, customers and LeadSquared alike.